Witness The Daily Colour Change In A Tuxedo Cat’s Coat, Admired By Many Due To A Rare Condition That Highlights Its Unique Beauty

Tuxedo Cat’s Coat Changes Color Day After Day Due To A Rare Condition

Sometimes, our flaws actually make us beautiful and unique. Nicole, who lives in Germany, found a special kitten named Elli and her sister at a local farm when they were only four months old. They were in terrible health conditions, with infections and mites in their ears, and needed medical care. Nicole decided to take them home and nurse them back to health. The two cats both had white and black markings on their coats.
One day, Nicole noticed a small white patch on Elli’s black coat. As time went by, white patches continued to appear, day after day. Nicole took Elli to the vet to get those fur markings checked. She discovered that Elli actually suffers from a rare condition called vitiligo. This condition causes patches of the skin or fur to lose pigment. It didn’t bother Elli at all and she got more adorable than ever, changing her fur day after day in front of her owner’s eyes.