Wild Fox Becomes A Loyal Friend To A Guy Who Saved Him From A Fur Farm

Love may come in different forms and ways. Perhaps you might find the true love of your life among your friends, at your college or it can even be a stranger that you accidentally met. In Woody’s case, the true love of his life came to him at a fur farm where he was destined to be killed to take his fur.

Yeah, as you might have guessed by now, Woody is not a human but a beautiful fox and the love of his life is Yaroslav, his loving owner who rescued him from facing a horrible fate. Yaroslav saw Woody back in 2015.

Woody was born and raised in a fur farm and just like other foxes out there, he was also destined to be slain to take his fur. However, when Yaroslav saw Woody, that was love at first sight and Yaroslav knew that he couldn’t just leave Woody there.

So, he decided to talk to the owners of the farm and take Woody out of there. It was not an easy task at all. The owners wanted Yaroslav to pay them the price of what they expected to get for Woody’s fur and Yaroslav willingly accepted the idea as he valued Woody’s life more than anything.

That was how Woody met Yaroslav and since that day the pair has been inseparable. Of course, it was not easy for Woody to adjust to this new life situation. He was hesitant to become friends with this new human but later when Woody realized Yaroslav would only love him and care for him, Woody got so much attached to him.

Yaroslav built a special kennel for Woody to be outside and have the fun of his life. Since Woody has never been into a forest, he could not sustain it there, and therefore, Yaroslav did his best to provide a natural home for Woody where he can be safe and be happy. As we all know foxes are not domestic animals but Yaroslav has done his best to create a good living situation for Woody and there is no doubt that Woody also enjoys being with him.

However, Yaroslav mentioned that owning Woody is like having a disobedient cat and a dog all in one! They seem to be enjoying each others’ company and we sincerely thank Yaroslav for saving Woody’s life and for giving him a happy future.

Image Credit & More Info: instagram / Source: auxx.me