When the pregnant dog was aпxioυs, she raп, but she later gave birth to nine wriggling balls of fυr!

This is Maya! Her story will surely melt your heat! when Maya got pregnant – her owner abaпdoпed her. I found her on 10 Jan – with a sad look in her eyes.

I tried to approach but she was skittish and ran away. she seemed lost and confused, didn’t know where to go.

I followed her for 30 mins and gave her food then managed to capture her with a catch pole first few days, she’s scared but then became friendly and she played with me a lot like I’m her real owner after 10 days,

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I took Maya to a vet check – lucky all good expected 8+ healthy puppies will come soon try my best to prepare everything ready for Maya new warm and comfortable bed done – now just need a lot of plenty of food and water our moment arrived.

Maya went into labor second girl – a bit weaker but still healthy third one – easy went out number 4 is a bit harder for Maya but she did well – also for 5-7 Maya and her tiny wriggling ball of fυr after a week, her puppies grew stronger & more active a little small gift for Maya – our strong fighter.