When the mother dog was abandoned, she tried everything she could to breastfeed six puppies

Do you see this dog so thin that only skin and bones? Yet she still tried to take good care of these 6 puppies.

Someone left her on an abaпdoпed farm. There was absolutely no food or drink there.It’s hard to imagine how hard it was for her.

Along the way, the puppies kept asking for their mother in the end they all escaped to their mother. It’s hard to get her to take me for a walk.

She was worried about leaving the puppies at home. This way I can build trust with her. But she just looked at the house. We were only walking for 5 minutes then I gave her a new name Zhaysan for a new life.

She devoted all her food to her puppies And that day I noticed she was not well. All her love went to her puppies, they were all chubby.

But just to be sure I take them all to the vet. What I was worried about happened to her

She had endometritis. She seemed to know what was wrong with her But the problem was she was breastfeeding.

And she couldn’t take aпtibiotics swallow. The doctor said she needs to be cleaned. Dietary supplements and non-aпtibiotic medicines.

I hope everything went well with our girl. She fell asleep after being caressed. She was exhausted after many difficult days.

Meanwhile her puppies were adopted. This was the first lucky boy in the family. A nurse adopted him when she saw them And 3 boys and 2 girls had left.

During that time it was hard work taking care of Zhaysan. But those efforts had paid off, she is better and She gave her puppies good things and a new life.

They would have a better life than their mother To live in abundaпce and love They too have friends who grew up with them.

She was perfectly safe about her puppies. She must be very happy when she thinks of them The hard days of abandonment they were over.

She wouldn’t let that happen to her puppies And not long after that she came back home with me

And she was adopted by a kind family not long after. she has more time to herself ever since She travels often with her new family.

She came also on and became a beautiful girl. Thank you for following Zhaysan’s journey