When no one else will help, a guy takes in abandoned kittens (VIDEO)

A pair of tiny kittens were discovered on a driveway, lacking a mother and a place to call home. Despite nobody wanting to take them in, a compassionate young man couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them to fend for themselves on the streets.

The two young felines were spotted frolicking on a driveway without their mother in sight amid the freezing Long Island night. The kittens were without food or shelter, and after no one claimed them or showed interest in taking them in, a kind young man named Hank offered to be of assistance. Hank took the furry creatures home for the night and brought them to the veterinarian the following day. According to Hank, the vet believes the kittens were abandoned by their mother as they were dirty and unkempt. Hank gave them a warm bath, groomed them, and provided them with plenty of food since they were very hungry. The kittens finally had a safe, warm place to sleep and full bellies which they hadn’t had in a while. After quickly finding a loving home for the grey kitten, Hank was ready to find Louie his forever home, but the little kitten had other plans.

According to Hank, the cat used to snuggle with them in bed every morning and followed them around the house like it was a coincidence. He believes that the cat picked him to be its human because they connected really well.

Hank, also known as @heiiolouie, shared how brave and energetic Louie was. Despite being famished, Louie didn’t hesitate to devour his meal. He had a fearless attitude and showed immense curiosity towards everything around him. Hank vividly remembers seeing Louie play with a pebble in the chilly weather when they first met.

Hank, who goes by the username @heiiolouie, shares that the small and tender boy enjoys snuggling up with him, especially. According to Hank, the kitten’s fondness towards him stems from the fact that he provides food for him and acts as his servant. Despite the kitten’s desire to take charge at times, he is truly a gentle feline at heart.

Hank’s furry friend, Louie, cozied up on his human’s arm for some snuggles during a nap.

Hank, aka @heiiolouie, desires to embrace his most beloved individual at any opportunity he gets.

After a long day at work, Hank always makes sure to spend some quality time with his furry companion. One of Louie’s favorite activities is getting his belly rubbed, and Hank is happy to oblige. The two of them enjoy their lap time together, creating a special bond between them.

Hank, the kind-hearted human, had a furry little friend who he called his son. This little boy was always by his side, snuggling and providing him with warmth whenever he needed it. He was also fond of Jenny, Hank’s partner, and would often keep her company too.

With the passage of time, Louie has matured and has developed a strong bond with Zoe, a new addition to their family. Hank mentioned that Louie’s love for Zoe is remarkable as he generously shares his food and takes care of her grooming needs. It’s surprising to know that on the first day, they were hissing at each other, but now they have become inseparable. Hank added that Louie’s affection towards Zoe has surpassed his love for them, and he has become an exceptional big brother.

Hank received a facial treatment from Louie, as kindly documented by @heiiolouie

He now takes care of Zoe every day, showering her with affection and attention.

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