When five pounds of fur were removed by rescuers after finding a cat dragging a rug, the animal’s appearance completely changed

Rescuers found a cat dragging a rug, then shaved off five pounds of fur and he completely transformed. Caring for a pet takes a lot of love and patience, but for senior pet owners, it’s not always possible to provide that care.

As a person ages, they may find it less and less easy to feed and groom their cat or dog, and getting around themselves may also become difficult. This is not their fault, which is why a senior’s family should care for them as closely as necessary!

Unfortunately, this was not the case for this elderly gentleman who owned a cat, Sinbad. Sinbad grew five pounds of fur before the Anti-Cruelty Society’s rescuers rescued him from his predicament. Callers to the rescue said the cat looked like he was “dragging a rug.”

Sinbad got the shave he needed, and afterward, he looked like a different cat! His paws had atrophied from lack of use, but thanks to his rescuers, he can now live a more comfortable life.

“Our investigators received a call about a cat who was living with an elderly man and appeared to be ‘dragging a rug,’” Elliott Serrano, Sinbad’s adoptive father, wrote on Facebook. “The man was not in a position to care for him, so he shouldn’t have been surprised that Sinbad looked like this. Still…it was tragic on so many levels. ”

“Despite his condition, Sinbad was friendly and tolerant…”

“especially when shelter staff undertook the monumental task of shaving off what was several years of accumulated matted fur. Five pounds thick!”

“It took hours, but the little guy was a champ. His back legs were atrophied from lack of use, but he held on.”

“Now he is receiving a lot of care and attention. His diet is monitored and the goal is to help Sinbad gain weight and get his beautiful coat back!”

”I’m not cranky. I swear to you!

Sinbad has now been adopted by his foster father, Elliott!

He now lives a comfortable and happy life and is recovering quite well after such an ordeal.