When a lonely squirrel meets a loving pit bull, he thinks her to be his mother

The bond between a mother and her child is one of the most beautiful things in life.

Whether they’re connected by genetics or by choice does not matter – what matters is the pure and unconditional love that exists between them.

Everly, an incredibly sweet and friendly pit bull, got to experience the magic of motherly love after a little orphan squirrel picked her to be his new mommy.

Everly has always been an affectionate and nurturing dog, which is quite natural considering her breed.

Pit bulls have, unjustly, developed a reputation for being mean and aggressive, but the breed is naturally sweet and nurturing; in the 19th century, pit bulls were often referred to as “nanny dogs” because they were known to be loving, loyal and excellent with children.

Everly has inherited all those loyal, loving and nurturing pit bull qualities and has always been eager to make friends with other animals.

So, when a little baby squirrel became interested in Everly, Everly’s mother, Morgan Joy Groves, wasn’t too surprised when Everly returned the squirrel’s attention.

Everly and Groves were out on a walk when they noticed the little squirrel who appeared to be all alone.

The little guy was just a baby, and perhaps he sensed that Everly would make a great mother, because he immediately grew curiously attached to the sweet dog.

The little squirrel kept following Everly, and eventually ended up following her and Groves all the way home.

There, Everly laid down for a rest, which encouraged the little squirrel to get even closer to her.

The little guy curled up on top of Everly, and together, the two enjoyed a nice, cuddly nap.

After this, Everly decided that she would take care of the little baby.

Everly became the squirrel’s foster mom, and the pair enjoyed many naps and cuddles together.

However, Groves realized that the baby squirrel needed more care than she and Everly could offer if it wanted to grow up to become healthy and able to care for itself.

This meant that after a little while, Groves and Everly handed the baby squirrel over to a wildlife center where it could get the very best care.

Everly loves her little foster son, but by living at the wildlife center, he’ll get to grow up with two other squirrels, and eventually return to the wild alongside them.

Sometimes, being a good mother means making sure one’s child gets their best chance at a good life; even if it means giving them up.

The little squirrel will surely always remember his kind foster mom with love and gratitude, and he’ll forever appreciate the love and comfort she offered him when he needed it the most.