(VIDEO) Husky falls in love with a homeless man in Paris, and what happens next is unimaginable to everyone 😭💙

There are friends that you don’t know you have, but that life decides to allocate and the big dog Bruno and his human friend Sora were predestined. Bruno’s owner wanted to share this story with the whole web, making sure that something really important to Sora happened. The moving story thus went around the world.

In Paris, the big dog Bruno lives with his human; one day, during a normal walk, the two met a homeless man who was parked on a road and had only a tent with him to spend the night . As soon as Bruno looked Sora in his eyes, the spark flew. Bruno decided that Sora should be friends with him and Sora couldn’t help but be happy with that choice.

Every day, during the walk, Bruno demanded to spend time with Sora, who waited for that meeting every day. The two seek and expect each other and Bruno’s owner has therefore decided to indulge in this friendship. Every day the man, before going to Sora with Bruno, took a croissant and a cappuccino for Sora.

This habit has become so pleasantly normal that Bruno’s owner, one day, decided to share one of these typical days on the TikTok platform .

The number of views was so high that it was decided to make a collection for Sora. The people involved collected almost six thousand euros which the owner of the dog Bruno handed over to the man, explaining that in this way he would have the opportunity to start over.

Several months have passed since that meeting between Bruno and Sora and the two are still best friends . Sora, slowly, tries to take control of his life and start over. Meanwhile she has found two special friends. 

These support him every day and make him understand that he is not alone and that he can count on the help of many people.


Source: the dodo