VIDEO: Giraffe starts walking tall – after dгamatic rescue from island surrounded by cгocodiles in Kenya

For once, animal lovers should be heaving a sigh of relief — and be happy.

Wildlife rescue teams have saved one of eight giraffes trapped on a newly-formed island made by ever-rising floodwaters in Kenya. Because there is a huge danger: the island is surrounded by crocodiles.

International conservation charity Save Giraffes Now has assisted in hand-building a barge allowing the animal to cross safely into the plains. The charity says plans to save the other animals will continue.

One only hopes their mission will be accomplished soon, so that these animals can start walking tall — with pride too.

Save Giraffes Now said on its Facebook page, “After months of planning it was a HUGE relief for all involved to see Asiwa take her first steps into her new home!

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“Asiwa travelled well and is now getting accustomed to her new location, food and landscape in a smaller section of the 17.7 square kilometres predator-proof sanctuary, located within 44,000 hectares of Ruko Community Conservancy mainland.

A giraffe is captured with ropes before being floated on a barge in Kenya. AP

“This will be the protocol for each giraffe moved. As they settle, the team from Ruko will then slowly release them into ever-larger areas of the sanctuary, where they’ll join other giraffe that will be re-introduced in future.”

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