Unlikely friendship blooms between kitten and parrot

Humans can learn a lot from animals, as the most unlikely friendships can form between different species. An adorable lilac point kitten and a gorgeous yellow-headed Amazon parrot are together in a birdhouse, cuddling up and keeping each other warm.

They look so cozy and snuggly, and they are precious. Having these adorable pets must be so much fun, as they prove that friendships and love can sometimes occur where you least expect it.

The cat and parrot want to be alone together, but the parents want to take a video! Interestingly, a cat and a bird would be inseparable friends, but these two are the exception.

Some cats will hunt and chase birds, but these two debunk the myth that cats are ferocious predators. This kitten is so cute and cuddly; those piercing blue eyes will have your heart!

This relationship is a fairy tale in the making. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful parrot and a lovely little kitten who decided to be friends….”

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Article source : Buzznicked

“The cat and the bird loved each other and lived happily ever after.” It could be the best kids’ book ever! The parrot is nipping at the kitten, but they do not seem to mind. How sweet it is that the parrot wants to share their birdhouse with the kitty. They look so happy to be in the company of each other.

Watch this video to see an unusual but adorable bond between members of different species.