Unique Ability of Adorable Dog: Standing on Hind Legs Like a Human

Dogs don’t walk or stand like humans and it isn’t natural for them to do so. However, they are quick and smart learners, so people can train them to stand on their two back legs instead of four.

Many dog owners teach their dogs this trick because it is helpful for cleaning their dogs, clipping nails, and during vet exams. Despite training a dog to stand up takes patience, it’s well worth it.

The dog named Coco in the story below is also trained to stand on her back feet. Her owners were happy to be successful at teaching her the trick, but they never expected that she would love to do that. Even when they don’t ask her to do it, she always puts her paws in the air and stands on her hind legs like a person.

Coco’s owners can’t do anything about it, so they decided to capture her funky ways and share them on social media. They created an Instagram account for her and her sister Cici, where they regularly upload pictures of the little furballs.

Now, Coco and Cici have become one of the most popular dog-sister duo on the Internet. They also own over 233K Instagram followers who are obsessed with their adventures and daily life.

“Coco is super sweet, kind and gentle,” Coco’s owner Katee Lauchner said. “She’s almost human-like and she doesn’t care to play with her toys, she’d rather be sitting next to her humans getting belly rubs.”

“Within only a week of having her as she was already trained to do sit and then the following week she learned ‘down’. Then it was roll-over and then high five!” Katee’s daughter Jessie said. She’s the one who manages Coco’s social media accounts.

“Our other Maltese was not this smart so we knew Coco was super special! She then learned to ‘sit pretty’ which is the pose you see in most pictures! She was trained to stay seated and then just sit up but she gets so excited that almost every time she will stand up and put her paws in the air,” Jessie said.

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