Two adorable newborn polar bear cubs play with their mother while travelling to the frozen sea! (video)

She is keeping them warm a good mum! Absolutely beautiful. Nature is amazing if only humanity respected it more 

The polar bear’s and her two cubs’ little world. Nothing seems to be able to keep them apart! Polar bears are often regarded as the kings of the snow and ice, with their solitary hunting and lethal slaps. Today, however, we will see a completely different side of them.

And nature is so abundant that these same huge mean powerful swiping guys can transform into cute cuddly bears! It’s all here. And one thing is certain: those precious cubs should be safe with their mother.

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Thank you so much Canada wild! It is extremely valuable. t’s unbelievable how strong the mother polar bear can be but how gentle and sweet she is with her babies.

However, We hope that we can be more environmentally conscious to save these magnificent creatures. We’re sure we’d all rather see these adorable pictures than the desperate animals clinging to melting ice drifting out into the ocean and de.sper.ately calling for he.lp…!

This has to be one of the most beautiful polar bear videos ever. It’s so beautiful to watch: