Two Adorable Cats with Special Needs Tell a Sweet Story About Why They Deserve All the Love in the World

At no extra cost to you, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase. In my opinion, cats with special needs are truly remarkable. Not only do they tug at our heartstrings, but they also demonstrate that having special needs does not have to define an individual. These cats are often brave, resilient, and exquisitely beautiful. When we welcome them into our homes and hearts, we show them that there is a place for them and that they never have to worry about being homeless again.

poe and paisley

Poe and Paisley, an adorable duo, permanently altered their owner’s life in ways she never imagined. Unfortunately, Paisley passed away last March, but her impact and spirit endure in the memories of many. I spoke with Poe and Paisley’s owner, hoping to feature their story, and thankfully, she agreed. So, let’s learn about this pair of felines who have demonstrated to the world that cats with special needs should not be subject to euthanasia.


When did you first meet Poe and how did he end up in your care? Well, it all started when a kind passerby noticed Poe and contacted us to help. At the time, he was just a tiny pup of around 4-6 weeks old and was already paralyzed. Sadly, his mother was nowhere to be found, so we knew we had to step in and take care of him. Could you tell me more about Poe’s unique needs? After we rescued him, we took Poe straight to the vet for a check-up. Despite running multiple tests, no X-rays or other examinations showed any broken bones or other injuries. It was then that the doctors informed us that Poe was most likely born with nerve damage. This meant that he would require special care and attention to thrive.

Do you know how Poe got his adorable name? Well, it was actually chosen by his rescue partner and we loved it so much that we’ve been calling him that for the past four years. I couldn’t picture him being named anything else at this point. As for his personality, Poe is a total mama’s boy. He absolutely adores his catnip toys and playing with his mice. However, he’s not one to easily warm up to new people. When he does eventually come out from under the bed to meet them, he always looks back at me to make sure I’m still there.

What does he like to do in his free time? His hobbies include scaring the foster kittens, playing with catnip toys, and chasing after mice. Research Shows That “Music For Cats” Can Calm Them Down During Vet Appointments Are they good buddies with each other? Poe and Paisley have been inseparable since their rescue, and are really close friends.

Do you know what makes Poe and Paisley truly unique? Despite being paralyzed, cats like Poe can still lead happy, meaningful lives. In fact, Poe loves to climb and jump even without the use of his back legs! He gets expressed three times a day, and although he’s suffered from constipation in the past, he now takes daily medication and follows a prescribed diet to keep him healthy. I want to give a big thank you to Poe and Paisley’s owner for allowing me to share their story and photos with all of you at Cattitude Daily. If you want to learn more about Poe, make sure to check out his Instagram page.