Toгtie Kitteп Gets Back oп Heг Feet Afteг a Roυgh Staгt and Develops Qυite the Cattitυde

A tortie kitten got back on her feet after a rough start, and developed quite the cattitude.

A tiny kitten was picked up as a lonesome stray and brought into an after-hours vet clinic. “She was found scavenging through bin rooms in an industrial area,” Tara, the founder of The Mad Catters Feline Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

They didn’t know how the kitten had ended up scrounging around without a cat mother and siblings, but they were certain that her life, from that point on, would be filled with love.

Tara took the tortie into her care and started hand-rearing her around the clock. At four weeks old, she showed a lot of fight in her.

The kitten named Flick came with beautiful markings on her face that resembled a split-face. Not only did she stand out with her adorable good looks, but also her fiery attitude.

As soon as she saw her foster mom come in the room, she got up from the comfort of her bed and sounded off in her squeaky meows for pets and snuggles.

She has a beautiful split-faceTara at The Mad Catters

A few days later, Flick came down with health issues and needed to be treated for a parasite and mild cat flu. During her road to recovery, she was adamant about having Tara’s undivided attention and would cry or whine nonstop until she was tended to.

“Most kittens tend to go fairly quiet when they are sick but Flick is such a sassy little thing that she handled it well and still had her cute little attitude the whole way through,” Tara told Love Meow.

With excellent care, good food and plenty of TLC, the tortie girl healed up beautifully. Once she felt some pep under her feet, she started bouncing around turning into a little scalawag.

Since the second she came through the door, wrapped up on her foster mom’s chest, she’s ruled the house and made everyone fall head over heels for her.

“She’s super independent and acts much older than she is.

From the start, she’s taught herself everything she needed to, and has formed some great little friendships with the other fosters here.”

Flick is playful, inquisitive and very mischievous, constantly plotting her next antic.

The moment she notices her people hit the couch, she takes off and flies over to be with them. She wants to be at the center of all the action.

She’s survived a rough beginning and flourished into a brave and confident kitten without a care in the world. She adores other cats and has even befriended a dog who towers over her.

Flick has grown in size and tortitude. She has an extremely persuasive stare and puts it to good use whenever she wants something from her people.

“She was a solo kitten and didn’t have littermates to teach her boundaries along the way.

She has made friends with my dog and even though he is so much bigger, she’s not afraid to waltz up and get a bit cheeky.”

Flick revels in her upbeat lifestyle with her foster family and is now ready to look for a place of her own.

The tortie girl who was found rummaging the garbage to survive, has blossomed into a beautiful princess with a big personality and quite the cattitude.