Throughout 9 years of cancer treatment, the dog remained with the owner

During Mr. Hove’s 9 years of cancer treatment, his dog Gunner was always by his side. The day the dog died, Mr. Hove also took his last breath.

The dog Gunner stayed by his owner’s side in the last days of his life.
In 2012, Daniel Hove – a retired firefighter in the US – was diagnosed with cancer. During 9 years of treatment, his 11-year-old pet dog was always by his side and accompanies his owner.

Mr Hove’s daughter Heather Nicoletti told Koala magazine: ‘I think my father purposely wanted to keep her the whole time. The two have been together since Gunner was born.”

In addition, there is a special thing that Heather saw that her father’s health and Gunner’s health seemed to decline at the same time.

“On the morning of Gunner’s death, it hadn’t moved from its position for 24 hours and hadn’t eaten.” Gunner’s veterinarian believes the dog’s body has a large blood clot.

Before falling into a coma, Mr. Hove told his daughter: “Give Gunner for surgery.” At 12:30 that day, Gunner died. At 2:55 am on the same day, Mr. Hove also took his last breath.

Gunner stayed by Mr. Hove’s side during his nine years of cancer treatment.
The loyal dog refused to leave his master in his final days, so the family had to put a dedicated bed for Gunner in Mr. Hove’s room.

“He refused to leave my father. It also followed him to all his doctor appointments, followed him every time he ran errands. Wherever my dad went, Gunner followed and waited outside the truck,” Heather said.

Whenever Mr. Hove was not around, Gunner was always worried. “During my father’s cancer treatment, Gunner was always there to comfort him. I am so grateful to have a dog like Gunner.”

Heather also expressed that the world would be a lot different if people felt unconditional love from a dog like Gunner. “No matter how stressed or upset we are, Gunner is always there to distract you or help us through.”

Heather also credits Gunner as the one who helped her father through a really difficult period in his life. “It’s so beautiful to leave this world together, just a few hours apart.”