This Pig Thinks He’s Just One Of The Dogs After Growing Up With Five of Them

Chowder is not like other dogs. In fact, he’s not a dog at all. Eight-year-old Chowder is a Vietnamese potbellied pig, but he’s been brought up alongside five rescue dogs and feels right at home with his furry siblings.

Chowder lives on a farm with his adoptive siblings and their proud pet-parent Shelby Madere, and this unusual family has taken the internet by storm.

Chowder may look different from his siblings, but he has no problem hanging with the gang.

Dedicated pet-mom Shelby Madere takes good care of the whole gang and keeps them all safe and happy.

Chowder is a very bright little pig and loves a good cuddle.

And he strikes a pose just as well as his sister Nya.

Chowder loves playing with his siblings, and they love playing with him.

He doesn’t need paws to walk straight into our hearts. What a charmer.

Chowder and his siblings make an adorable sight.

Just look at this precious crew.

You can really tell how much they love each other.

They’re all so happy that Madere brought them together.

Because the love they share runs deeper than any superficial differences. They are, and forever will be, a family.