“This is the reaction of my golden retriever when he first met the baby” Just Beautiful!

There is a saying that the combination of a golden retriever and a baby is always right. This is because the angelic combination of the two makes viewers smile and heals their hearts.

In particular, Golden Retrievers, who have a gentle personality enough to be called ‘angel dogs’, often treat babies with love.

A video showing the personality of this Golden Retriever is being posted on the YouTube channel ‘Golden Danbi’ and is drawing attention.

Last year, Danbi, a golden retriever, met a baby butler who was just born. Prior to this day, the father and mother butlers prepared step by step, such as letting Danbi smell the baby’s clothes.

Danbi also sniffed the new smell and prepared hard for the meeting with the baby. The two meet after 12 days with the preparation of the butler and Danbi.

Danbi, who saw the baby for the first time outside the safety door, waggled her tail gently, revealing her excitement for the baby. Then, when the safety door opened, Danbi cautiously approached the baby.

Danbi, who saw the tiny baby for the first time, looked around in wonder. Also, as he sniffed, he began to notice that the scent he had previously smelled was that of a baby.

But the baby butler, who couldn’t even open his eyes yet, just cried endlessly. In response, Danbi carefully licked her hands and face to comfort her, as if she was worried about her baby.

Danbi, who was at first curious, quickly became accustomed to the appearance of a baby. Then she sat down next to her baby butler like Danbi was her bodyguard.

Danbi, who was sitting as if trying to protect a small life, looked dignified and dignified.

Not only on this day, but Danbi did not leave the side of the baby butler the next day, and even the next day.

Even the baby, who opened her eyes properly, turned her head towards the sound of her sweet rain, slowly getting used to it.

Netizens responded in various ways to this meeting between the baby butler and Danbi, such as “It’s so moving”, “How can they be so calm and reliable”, and “Danbi should be in charge of protecting the baby butler”.

On the other hand, some netizens raised their voices of concern, saying that raising a puppy and a baby together is not good.

In particular, the position was that Danbi’s hair could enter the baby’s respiratory tract or be dangerous.

However, the mother and father butlers sent an opinion that there was no need to worry, attaching a video link containing the opinions of experts.

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source: Youtube@GoldenDanbi