They woгked fгom home, so there was no longeг time to wait! The пeighbouгhood cat гepeatedly scгatched

Unfortunately, accidents with animals often happen in our world. And they have no doctors, no medical institutions, no medicines at their disposal, if they are not pets ..

Animals that need help can only hope that one of us will notice them and come to the rescue.

This cat no longer hoped for salvation. He wanted only one thing – by any means to get rid of the huge, heavy burden that appeared in his life and exhausted both soul and body …

In this state, he was found by ordinary girls. Two sisters who picked him up say: “ The cat had an inflamed eye – it practically fell out of the eye socket! The pet itself was half-bald, in fuel oil .


Lack of hair in some places, lichen and small wounds were not such a big problem compared to a terribly inflamed eye. The reasons are still unknown, but at that moment it was not important.

All that mattered was saving the baby.

First of all, the girls decided to wash the poor thing, but they had to do it in construction gloves! Despite the condition of the animal, it terribly scratched and bit.

There was no question of going somewhere with the cat. He was too sick, scared and angry. Then the girls called the veterinarian to the house.

After the examination, the doctor decided that an operation was needed, and time played a big role here. A decision had to be made urgently. So the baby was operated on at home.

The cat was castrated, and the eye was removed – there was no other way out. And this is what the cat looked like after the operation!


True, this magical transformation did not immediately happen to him. It took six months for his rescuers to bring the baby in order.

He was cured of a fungal disease of microsporia. In addition, the baby was very thin, and it took time for him to gain normal weight.


But after 6 months, he became completely healthy and well-fed, and the old, shabby coat came off and a new one appeared – smooth and snow-white!

After that, the baby was able to find a new home, where he was received by kind and gentle hands.


These little creatures and fluffy lumps that scurry back and forth through the streets every day, really want warmth and care. Trust me, every one of them…

And how much less such sad stories would be if we paid attention to animals more often!