They were willing to do whatever it took to free this pup stυck in a dгaiп (watch video)

Normally, people are always willing to help all those who suffer from accidents, and even more so when it comes to innocent and adorable animals, since they usually have no idea how to escape or protect themselves from events that put their lives in danger.

This is news that fills our lives with joy, because even when we lose faith in humanity, we can still appreciate the instinct for protection and help that many still offer.

In this case it was with two dogs from Brazil who were trapped inside a drain pipe, and although no one knew how or why, they knew that they had to act instantly to get them out of that terrible place as soon as possible. .

The space was very small and everything was very slippery due to the flood

Before starting the rescue, they had to carry out a thorough and quick inspection of the place in question to be sure that the excavation would not end up harming any of the puppies that were inside the pipe, in addition to knowing what state they were in. found and on which side it was best to start.

They had to be very careful not to hurt any of the dogs inside.

Once they had inspected the entire place, they decided that the most appropriate place to start the excavation without affecting any of the dogs was on one of the alternate sides. After several hours of chopping and digging in this place, they could already see them from the hole they had managed to make so far , but something they did not expect happened.

One of the dogs that was supposed to be inside was dead, leaving only one to rescue. Instead of demotivating them, this made people want to hurry even more to get him out of there before he had the same fate as the other pup.

You could feel the puppy’s fear and despair as they tried to rescue him.

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The situation was getting more and more tense since his body had not yet passed through the hole and he was crying as they tried to keep him far enough back so that he could not be hurt by any of the tools. Also, the massive flooding made the whole area covered in mud, which didn’t help at all.

Keeping him calm was almost impossible, which made the rescue more difficult.

These people did not give up, because they knew that at some point the hole was going to be big enough for the poor puppy to get out.

Everyone was very happy to be able to get it out after so long trying.

When they finally managed to get Tubo, the name they decided to call him after the incident, out of the pipe, he was extremely happy and relieved not to be locked up any longer.

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In this video you will be able to appreciate all the Tubo rescue

However, everyone noticed how thin and dehydrated Tubo was, so they decided to give him clean, fresh water immediately before taking him to a vet who would examine him to rule out any type of injury.

Luckily, Tubo did not have any type of injury on his body, so he was ready to be taken to an animal shelter where they will take care of him while they find a family that wants to adopt him.

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