They painted two innocent kittens blue and green to make them seem like Smurf and Shrek.

It’s tough to come up with an answer when we’re aware of people who have committed such heinous things. These are live individuals, not toys to be played with on a whim.

This is the situation with these two adorable and helpless kittens, who were already victims of this heinous deed just days after their birth.

These adorable kittens were discovered by a police officer in Bradford, who then called the Bradford Cat Rescue (BCWRK) for assistance.

These lovely kittens’ names were Smurf and Shrek, and they were afraid since their bodies had been splattered in paint.

Katie Lloyd, the shelter’s coordinator, said she felt the kittens were suffocating when she got the call to save them, so they hurried to the location with an emergency kit and a nebulizer.

The goal was to rescue the lives of these helpless creatures. The volunteers at the BCWRK shelter chose to take care of them.

When they got at the scene, they couldn’t believe what they saw, and they affirmed without question that it was an act of animal cruelty.

Smurf and Shrek were expertly painted, with one’s body totally covered in blue paint and the other completely coated in green paint.

The shelter staff claims that when cleaning these kittens, they saw that the ink was seeping through their skin and onto their hands.

They couldn’t believe what they saw when they arrived on the scene, and they said categorically that it was an act of animal cruelty.

Smurf and Shrek were brilliantly painted, with one’s torso entirely covered in blue paint and the other in green.

They must have used a lot of ink to paint Smurf and Shrek!

These little cats required round-the-clock care, including regular washing, bottle feeding, and fluid injections.

Veterinarians conducted a thorough examination to see if the injury they had sustained would have long-term implications.