These two rescued sibling kittens are unlike other cats, yet they live their lives to the fullest with love and care

Otter and his sister, Bunny, were discovered orphaned in Northern California by a kind-hearted woman who took them in and began caring for them.

Caroline Grace, the head of Baby Kitten Rescue, began treating them since they had many health risks. After they were healed, the focus shifted to their disabilities and assistance to their adaptation. Caroline will help them find a permanent home where they will live together.

Baby Kitten Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue that specializes in neonatal, critical care, and special needs kitten rescue in Los Angeles, CA. “We hope to show that these kittens are capable of being saved and are worth saving! We also hope to promote acceptance, inclusion, and compassion and show that special needs animals can live full, rich, and happy lives!”
Caroline Grace found Bunny & Otter orphaned and took them in

Bored Panda has contacted Caroline Grace to get an update about these two adorable kittens. We asked about the situation they were in when they arrived in the care of the Baby Kitten Rescue, and Caroline explained that “Bunny & Otter were only 3 weeks old and very sick when they arrived. They had upper respiratory infections, infected eyes, and horrible stomach issues.”

The kittens waited outside for mama cat to return, but sadly she never did, and they were left unhealthy and vulnerable

She reached out to Baby Kitten Rescue once she noticed the kittens were missing limbs and needed bottle feeding

This is big brother Otter

Otter was born with an underdeveloped front arm. We asked Caroline if he walks on all 4, and she explained that “Otter walks on 3 legs. His front right arm only has 1 toe and 1 claw, so it’s not very stable. So he doesn’t use that arm when he walks.”

He was born with an especially rare congenital defect called ‘Meningoencephalocele’

His skull never closed properly, leaving part of his brain protruding out of the hole in his skull

For his own safety, he wears a custom-made helmet to protect his brain

This kitten is so used to wearing it now, he doesn’t try to scratch at it or pull it off

Otter is an adventurer and enjoys exploring new places

He loves to play, snuggle and relax, purring whenever possible

Little Otter just had cutting-edge brain surgery to place his brain back into his skull and cover the opening with titanium mesh

He’s doing very well, enthusiastically taking care of his sister

To find out if Otter would still need to wear the helmet, we asked Caroline, and she told us that “Otter had to continue to wear his helmet for 2 weeks after the surgery to protect the incision. But now he no longer needs the helmet and will never have to wear it again.”

Meet Bunny

Bunny was born with congenital bilateral hemimelia, meaning she was born missing both of her forearms

The kitty has successfully adapted to her circumstances by moving on her back legs

Her disability even taught Otter how to stand on his rear feet too

There are several ramps dedicated for Bunny to get up onto the bed and couch, yet she jumps straight from the ground onto the bed or the couch

Seems like she is living her best life with so much joy and confidence every day

It has been incredible for Caroline Grace to see Bunny & Otter adapt to their disabilities so well

Both Otter and Bunny love each other so much and are a bonded pair

They snuggle together, groom each other, bird watch, and play together

They are such an inspiration for how resilient, adaptable, and happy they are

It makes Caroline’s heart burst with cheer and restores her faith in humanity to see people so in love with these two kittens with special needs