The touching friendship between two Golden Retrievers and their elderly neighbor who visits them every day (video)

The friendship between these 2 Golden Retrievers and their elderly neighbor is very moving. The old man visits them almost daily, to the delight of the whole trio.

Being around animals has many virtues, this is no longer to be proven. This is especially true for older people, who sometimes lack companionship and interaction. It is no coincidence that some retirement homes regularly welcome cats or dogs for the well-being of their residents.

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Mr. Bill, on the other hand, lives in his own house, as PetHelpful reports. However, he is no longer able to have a dog under his care. Never mind, it has the best of neighbours!

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Mr. Bill likes to give treats to his neighbor Golden Retrievers Kimberly Handberry is the proud owner of 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers. She is also lucky to have a caring neighbour, whom she affectionately calls Mr. Bill.

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This elderly man loves dogs. He made a habit of coming to see the Golden Retrievers every day, through the common fence of their gardens. He brings them some treats, which he distributes in equal numbers to the 2 doggies. Not jealous !

The canines are very happy to see him, just as Mr. Bill likes to share this privileged moment with them.

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It had been 2 days since the old man had been able to see his furry friends
Mr. Bill wouldn’t miss his daily meeting with his neighbors for the world. However, for 2 days, a torrential rain fell on the neighborhood, and the dogs did not want to put their paws outside. So, as soon as the sun returned, Mr. Bill rushed into his garden. He called the doggies, who came to collect their treats behind the fence.

Kimberly filmed this touching scene to share it with Internet users. She wrote in description “Mr. Bill President! and also said, “The world needs more people like Mr. Bill.”

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