The Sweet Little Dog Always Moves The Caгpets To Make Room For Gгandma’s Wheelchaiг

Ana Clara Simoes’ grandmother, 86, who lives in Brazil, has been enjoying the company of her dog named Lili for two years. This sweet and charming dog has proven to her family that she is more than just a companion.

Lili took on the role of caretaker, making sure her grandmother, who uses a wheelchair, never had trouble getting around the house.

Ana and her family are happy to help Grandma live life to the fullest, despite her limited mobility. They were surprised to discover that the dog had invented her own way to make their life easier.

The dog moves the carpets so that his grandmother’s wheelchair passes

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Ana noticed that every time the grandmother arrived and went to the living room of the house, Lili immediately ran and dragged some carpets to facilitate the passage of the wheelchair.

Ana told The Dodo:

“Lili learned to do it herself. We were all very surprised and admired him for that. »

Anna said:

“At first, we thought it was a coincidence. But we realized that it only happened when my grandmother was going to pass. It is an act of care. »

Lili still hasn’t figured out how to put the rugs back once Grandma passed by with her wheelchair, but her cute gesture of moving them rubbed off on Lara, Grandma’s other dog, who was also seen moving the rugs.

In the following video we can see Lili in action:

Her grandmother has never had a problem getting her wheelchair over the mats when they’re there, Ana says, but she appreciates Lili’s kind gesture, as does her family.

Anna said:

“It certainly makes her very happy. Lili is an excellent partner. My grandmother is fine. I am very happy to know that Lili is here. »

The sweet gesture has left many people deeply moved.

Images: Ana Clara Simoes