The story of the heroic dog “Eva” who stood in the way of a puma and protected its owner

A woman was attacked by a puma while walking her dog in a suburb of the United States. The dog that was walking ahead of her ran back and fought desperately to protect her owner. The story of a brave hero “Eva” who protected his beloved.

Shock…! puma attack

Eva, a 2-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, is now resting in her new bed and new toys. After all, it is a brave dog that protected its owner from a puma attack, so this treatment is natural.

The incident happened in Trinity County in Northern California, USA.

Erin Wilson, 24, parked her car at a picnic area on Route 299 and took a walk toward the Trinity River. Not long after he started walking, he came across a puma.

I was going downhill, but my dog ​​was far ahead.

When I turned around, I saw a puma growling at me. It jumped at me. e? what? Surprised, I let out a loud voice and called for Eva. Eva came running back quickly

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion – Photo KKCO

It is rare for pumas to attack humans. Six people have died in mountain lion attacks in California since 1890. Pumas are naturally timid and often prey on deer. child

There are many wild deer in the area, but the drought in recent years has reduced their food supply. A hungry mountain lion may have thought of attacking a human female instead of a deer.

A blow from the puma left Erin’s left shoulder scratched. Eva heard her scream and stood up to protect her owner, and she pounced on the puma .

The two fought to the death. But the puma turned its sharp fangs on her and immediately bit Eva on her head. Erin tries to throw a stone at the puma, but it doesn’t work.

So I ran back to the car and waved it to a stop. The driver was Sharon Houston. The two men returned to the scene with the pipes and worked together to successfully drive the puma away.

Treat deep wounds…

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Erin, who was exhausted from her injuries, took Eva and rushed her to a veterinary hospital in Reading. She didn’t need surgery on Eva, but her wounds were so deep she ended up in the hospital for a while.

On May 19th, Eva was discharged from the hospital with her front legs bandaged and stitch marks all over her body. The veterinarian said the sight in his left eye may never return .

This child is Eva. A trusty dog ​​who fought the puma to protect me. he is a lifesaver.

I think the puma attack lasted about 15 minutes. During the fight, I threw rocks, but it didn’t work, so I went back to the parked truck and tried to get the pipe. At that time, there was a vehicle passing by, so I jumped up, signaled it, stopped it, and explained.

The woman had pepper spray, so we went back to the scene and yelled and brandished the pipes until the puma fled.

Looking at Eva in the car, it’s covered in blood. Thinking this was hard, she rushed to express her gratitude to the woman and then took her to the hospital. She is over an hour’s drive away. I think she was speeding, but I didn’t care at the time. I was upset, and even while driving, I said, ‘Do your best. Don’t die

Now Eva seems to be full of vitality. When she was discharged from the hospital, she even showed me how she wagged her tail happily.

“I would do anything for this dog,” Erin said. “This experience made me realize that Eva would do anything for me . “

Be sure to check out the video to see how Eva bravely protected her beloved!

Article Source: dailymail