The story of BonBon, the dog who waited for his human on the side of the road for 4 very long years had a surprise ending

There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend; beyond their cute demeanor and unfailing ability to brighten our day, dogs provide their family members with unconditional love and loyalty till their last breath. Here is the story of BonBon a dog who showed us the true meaning of the word loyalty, waiting a long time for his human by the side of the road .


The story of the dog waiting by the side of a road in Thailand was told by a resident. The dog acted as if it had been abandoned, pacing up and down the road. She then saw a woman approaching him and bringing him food and she decided to get to the bottom of it.

The woman who had brought the food, her name was Pinnuchawet and she told her that she had found the dog, which she had christened Leo, one day on her way home. He was by the side of the road looking very sick and depressed. He acted as if he had been abandoned and, after asking around, he discovered that Leo had been living on that street for four years.


Pinnuchawet had tried to take Leo home as he was rather thin and had mange. However, Leo ran away from her house a few days later and returned to the street where she first found him.

Bon Bon

The dog was unwilling to follow Pinnuchawet home, so the woman had no choice but to carry his food by the side of the road. On days when she was too busy to go to him, it was her family who fed Leo for her.

After Leo’s video was posted , many shared it on social media in hopes of reuniting him with his family. By chance, that video was seen by a family who had lost their dog 4 years earlier.


Leo’s first owner, a man named Noi , explained that they had brought their dog to visit their relatives. When they stopped at a gas station, they realized the animal, who was named BonBon, was no longer in the car.

We suspected that BonBon jumped out of the car window seeing something interesting. They went back to look for him for days without, however, finding him.

They had believed that BonBon was dead and finding him by chance brought much happiness to BonBon’s family. On the 9th of September they went that way to bring BonBon home. But BonBon, after showing that she was very happy to see them again, didn’t seem to want to leave her new friend Pinnuchawet. At that point, after talking about it, Noi agreed to give up BonBon in favor of Pinnuchawet which she was happy to adopt.

And, this time, BonBon, now Leo, has agreed to follow her home without a leash. Maybe he just wanted to finish one chapter of her life before writing another.

BonBon was taken to the vet for a checkup on Sept. 14 and then moved into his new forever home.