The stгay little white dog howled beside the coгpse of his companion

This is the tragic moment a stray puppy sobbed over the dеad body of its companion, reluctant to leave his side.

The video, which has been seen over five million times online, shows the puppy standing over its deceased buddy in the county of Daying, Suining City, Sichuan Province, China.

A passing pedestrian, Mr. Xiong, hurried over to help the puppy and was taken aback by its hesitation to forsake its decеased mate.

The little dog appears to be peering into the camera and appealing for aid with high-pitched, sorrowful howls.

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One was already dead, while the other was weak and dying “Mr. Xiong stated. “‘Its screams sounded sorrowful.’

The video, which was taken on October 25, shows the decеased dog laying prone while the injurеd dog stands over it.

Mr. Xiong had no option but to leave the dеad dog behind and take the living one. He said that he had returned it wrapped in a piece of clothes.

Mr. Xiong brought the final stray to work, where his coworkers fed the weak puppy.

He and his employees couldn’t keep the dog, so they put it in a cardboard box and brought it to a nearby animal shelter.

“I’m hoping that some generous soul would adopt it,” Mr. Xiong added.

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