The Smart Dog Saves An Elderly and Deaf Dog Who Had Been Lost For Days

When a lost puppy named “Puppy” was found 40 hours later, it was an emotional moment for the family and the people who helped find it. Tino, a first-time Search and Rescue dog, was also to blame.

A 150-pound Great Pyrenees puppy got lost in McCleary, Washington, while his owner, Karen James, was riding a horse with him. His owners had been looking for him for two days before they called Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue for help.

The nonprofit organization was given a search and organization dog named Tino to help find Puppy.

After a quick chase, Puppy was found in a muddy gully less than a mile from Tino’s house. Through the mud, only his head could be seen.

Puppy had to be taken away by three rescuers. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook, “Tino did a great job today when he found this old dog stuck in the mud.”

If his back feet didn’t work at first, he might have been stuck in the cold mud for hours. Puppy’s family might not have found him if they didn’t have a search dog. The woods are miles long.

Puppy’s family put him in a wagon and took him to their home, where they were happy to see him.

James said to Fox 13: “He couldn’t get out of the mud.” He was far enough off the path that we would have passed him by.

And you know there are miles and miles and acres and acres of wilderness out there to search. We never would have found him.

Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue says that this was Tino’s first “Walk up find” after being trained for 16 months. It was without a doubt a huge success!