The slave wedding, but the naughty cat got the full scene. Because chasing the bride’s skirt without caring about the media

Whenever you invite your pet to an important event. like a wedding You have to be excited all the time. Will they be good boys until the end of the event? If not, entertainment is sure to happen.

Just like the story that happened to this cat slave bride by as she walked into the wedding ceremony Her sweetheart decided to be a part of this special day.

With the young woman not having a child to hold the hem of her skirt The hem of her skirt dragged along the corridor. Of course, it fits right in with the mischievous cat. because he thought that the slave was tempting him to chase the skirt.

That said, the cat enjoys chasing the hem of the skirt. without caring about the eyes of the people in the work That’s not enough He also rolled over on the hem of his skirt. Causing almost everyone to not pay attention to the newlyweds

Instead of the guests at the event going to pick the cat out. Instead, they just let it play. and then brought up their phones to take pictures take a clip of it

walking so slow already caught

Everyone, the bride is here. please pay attention to me (The bride didn’t say)

And here’s a clip of the cat playing with her slave’s skirt without caring about the eyes of the party guests. Watch Video below

Here comes the bride…