The Skinny Wanderer Staggered And Looked Vaguely In The Direction Where Her Owner Had Left

This is Fiona. A female dog followed passersby and begged for love with those fragile, shaky legs.

She wandered around there for a long time because it seemed like she was abandoned there by her owner.

Therefore, she did not want to go anywhere else. Day after day, the poor girl’s body became weaker and it became difficult for her to stand.

Fiona was longing for someone to love her, and couldn’t continue to wait any longer.

The body at that time was no different from a skeleton. We were her last hope before she was taken from the compound near the free trade zone.

Because some people didn’t want her to be there anymore, I got this help-needed message.

She was carefully carried and taken to the clinic afterwards. Examination results showed that Fiona had large pieces of metal and bone stuck in her abdomen. She needed to be transferred to a better clinic.

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