The Rottweiler’s Reaction To Meeting A Tiny Puppy Is The Most Surprising (Video)

You wouldn’t expect a rottweiler to be scared of someone not much bigger than a potato. But when Dozer met his new sister, Daisy, the huge dog was terrified.

“The first couple of days, he was kind of scared of her,” Kimberly Ward, Dozer and Daisy’s mom, told The Dodo. “She was so tiny and outgoing and charismatic … She wanted to play with him all the time, but he didn’t know that he could be a puppy.”


About the same size as Dozer’s head, Daisy would prance around her big brother, nipping at his feet and barking until Dozer had no choice but to give in and play with her.

“The first time that he ran with her and figured out that she would chase him, it was on,” Ward said. “He figured out that he could be interactive with her.”


And Dozer also quickly realized he needed to be careful when playing with his new little sister. “He knew that he was supposed to be gentle with her and that she was tiny,” Ward said.

According to Ward, Daisy brought out the puppy in Dozer and definitely keeps the entire family entertained with her mischief (stealing toilet paper, digging at the dishwasher and playing with her favorite red bowl are just some of the antics she gets up to on the daily).

Because Daisy has so much energy, Ward decided to add another small dog to the family so Daisy would have “somebody with her own energy level,” as Ward said.

So, Mocha was brought into the family and is the perfect playmate for Daisy and little little sister to her rottweiler siblings.

It’s been a little over a year since Daisy first arrived, and she and Dozer still have a close bond.

“Their relationship has evolved from just play into a deeper friendship,” Ward said. “[Daisy] knows she can always get Dozer to participate in a shenanigan even if the other pups don’t want to.”

Daisy’s new routine is to convince Dozer to go outside every night and run around with her, which he does without fail. “He’ll whine at her until she’s excited, and then they take off together,” Ward said.

And as Mocha has grown up, she’s become Daisy’s complete opposite. “She’s very quiet and lovey,” Ward said. “[Mocha is] the baby of the family (don’t tell Dozer!) and knows if she whines, she’ll get whatever she wants.”

But like her big sister, Daisy, Mocha also loves to play with the big dogs. “She loves to play tug-of-war, and Dozer is still just as gentle as ever with her — he lets her win about 85 percent of the time!”

And, when asked if Ward and her family have thought about bringing another little sister into the mix, Ward said, “There’s always the possibility of a tinier sister or brother.” For Dozer and Daisy, the more, the merrier!

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