The mother dog won the hearts of web surfers after saving three puppies that were stuck in a cave

Recently, a video about a dog rescue 3 puppies stuck in a flooded cave attracted many attention.

Accordingly, the rain made the cave – the shelter of these dogs, was flooded. Before this situation, the mother dog quickly dug up the land to find the way into the cave. After a moment into the cave, the mother dog brought the first puppy out.

However, out of the cave, the puppy seems to have stopped breathing. At this moment, the owner of the mother dog has ordered to continue to save the remaining children in the cave, on the other hand, he stayed trying to save the puppy. After that, all the puppies are back.



When the first puppy was rescued, the mother dog brought her to a dry corner. We pressed our puppy’s heart, the water began to flow and the dog showed signs of survival.

Then the mother continues to go underground to save the remaining two children. After the endless efforts, the mother dog has saved all three. Luckily all three puppies are alive


Watching this video and you will see not only humans, but also dogs still love their babies. You Know That, dogs can sacrifice their lives to save their children. This is a proof.