The magician starts “magic” at the shelter to make the dogs living there happy

The dogs living in the shelter had no idea that a magician had prepared an extraordinary show just for them. With this, the man not only wanted to make their gray everyday life happy, but also wanted to help them find a home. The reaction of the dogs was surprising and adorable at the same time.

Fortunately, there are many initiatives that can help animals living in shelters. So did a man, John Stessel, who is a magician. 

John is an excellent magician who is good at capturing people’s attention, but now he wanted to please a completely different audience, namely a group of shelter dogs.

The dogs had no idea what was going to happen, so they were the cutest audience and the easiest for the magician to work with. However, the main goal was to show people the personality of dogs, their funniest, most entertaining side, so that more people would be interested in them.

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Even after the presentation, they were not left without a reward, they received lots of petting and reward snacks. 

We hope that these sweet dogs will not stay in the shelter for long and that they will be able to find a home where they will receive the best love from their owners.

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