The heartbreaking scene of a grieving dog’s emotional search for her lost puppies

The video depicts a heartbreaking scene in which a grieving mother dog uncovers her deceased puppy with determination.

Kookie tirelessly digs through the densely packed earth until she reaches the male puppy and extracts it by a leg from its makeshift grave. In an effort to resuscitate her precious offspring, she licks and prods the tiny body with all of her strength.

The owner, Kaye de Luna, states in the video that Kookie miscarried during her first pregnancy, so she must be devastated by the loss of another puppy. It is evident that Kookie cared for her entire litter, including the one that did not survive. It is a truly sad sight to see.

On May 17, Kookie gave birth to a litter of puppies, but one of the smallest and weakest puppies passed away during the night.

When Kookie realized what had occurred, she began to bark loudly and awoke the entire household. The owners discovered the deceased dog and buried it in an unmarked grave in their backyard without Kookie’s knowledge.

Later, when they took Kookie for a stroll in the garden, she immediately headed for the grave. The owner, Kaye, decided to allow Kookie to grieve and accept the loss of her puppy in her own way.

The heartbreaking video shows Kaye sobbing in the background as she watches Kookie grieve for her deceased puppy.

Kookie initially dug into the soil until she detected the scent of her puppy, which encouraged her to continue. After removing enough dirt to expose a portion of the body, she was able to extricate the lifeless puppy from its makeshift grave. T

he mother dog then attempted to resuscitate the puppy by licking and nudging it with her nose. At the conclusion of the clip, Kookie paused and turned her attention to Kaye, who was visibly distressed by the heartbreaking scene.

The viral video demonstrates that when they lose their puppies, dogs also experience grief and loss. Kookie, like all other female dogs, was hardwired to instinctively lick and nuzzle her puppies.

It is understandable that Kookie dug up her deceased puppy one last time in an attempt to revive it, as she was undergoing her own form of closure. It is common knowledge that dogs grieve for their owners, so it is not surprising that they would experience the same sadness and mourning when losing a puppy.