The Gгeat Dane Fгeddy is the woгld’s tallest dog (video)

When your dog reaches a height of 7’5.5″ while standing on its hind legs, what is the course of action? Contact the Guinness Book of World Records, of course.

Introducing Freddy, the holder of the title for the World’s Tallest Dog, as confirmed by his certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records. Freddy is a stunning merle Great Dane who dwells in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, with his owner, Claire Stoneman.


Claire was unaware that Freddy would grow so enormous, given that he was the tiniest pup in his litter. Despite being the runt, no one expected him to develop into such a massive, gentle creature. Freddy’s sister, Fleur, who lives with him and Claire, is a typical-sized female Great Dane.


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As evidenced by their video, Freddy is colossal and looms over his owner, who stands at approximately 5′ in height. The two canines cohabit indoors with Claire and add excitement to her life. When they traverse throughout the house, they occupy a significant amount of space, making the furnishings appear miniature. In reality, they are quite hard on the furniture, and since Claire acquired Freddy, he has destroyed 14 couches.


Having a dog the size of Freddy comes with its difficulties, but Claire would not give him up for anything. The cute siblings are her beloved “fur babies,” and she adores them both.


What is life like with Freddy? Well, he is enormous and robust, so Claire takes him for walks in the early morning to avoid alarming other dogs or individuals owing to his immense size. He helps himself to beverages from the kitchen sink tap and opens drawers and cupboards whenever he pleases.


Providing food for the 196-pound Freddy is a financial responsibility, and Claire spends approximately $100 per week on his food. Between the two siblings, she purchases 10,000 pounds of dog food annually. Freddy also receives canned food, several roasted chickens each week, and relishes peanut butter toast.

Freddy also enjoys playing with his sister, basking in the sun, and relaxing on the furniture. Don’t forget to share this delightful dog with your loved ones.