The dog with malformed legs is happy every day, and those who see it are inspired by its fortitude

Duncan, a boxer dog, was found wandering the streets with only two front legs.

Duncan had been malformed since birth, thus the dog’s hind legs were fused together. Maybe that’s why Duncan was abandoned. He is, nevertheless, quite strong, adaptable, and travels extremely well on only two legs.

Duncan was quickly taken in by a family after being brought to the rescue station. However, destiny had other plans as Gary and Amanda, the owners of the rescue camp, developed a deep bond with this courageous dog. When the adoptive family saw how content Duncan was playing with Gary and Amanda, they decided to give up their ownership.

Duncan is friendly with other dogs.

Gary and Amanda uncovered a health condition in Duncan’s uncle after moving into a huge house with a garden where Duncan could run and jump. Duncan’s two back legs have impacted on the spine, creating pain, thus the only option is to amputate both handicapped legs. Duncan’s desire to sprint and jump was unaffected by the fact that doing so would make it harder for him to maintain his equilibrium.

Duncan is truly a magical dog.

Duncan’s favorite food: Peanut butter.

Duncan loves to run and jump like any other dog. He refuses to use a wheelchair and has always preferred to do things on his own, even climbing stairs.

You’re probably seeing a deformed dog, but I’m seeing a real hero.

Duncan was missing at the time this video went viral with over 7 million views. Gary and Amanda’s car wrecked while attempting to dodge an animal crossing the road. Gary and Amanda, as well as two other puppies in the car, were all able to escape with minor injuries, but Duncan was nowhere to be seen.

When the car overturned, it could have been thrown out onto the street. Gary is very worried about the little dog. “I am afraid that he has been seriously injured or even… dead.”

Duncan’s pictures were shared everywhere to find the dog.

When bystanders discovered Duncan wandering, luck shined on Gary’s family once more. Duncan, according to Amanda, has died and come back to life several times. Gary must aggressively resuscitate and conduct CPR (artificial respiration) to save Duncan’s life after he has had two heart arrests.