The dog arrives at a family gathering unannounced – and the warning on its collar is read

The dog sneaking into the family gathering uninvited had no idea that his owners would warn people of his tricks. Of course, dogs know exactly how to achieve their goals, they use their charms and mischief for this. 

However, no one blames them for this, as they just want to get attention.

This story will be about a brown dog who loves to eat and this made him the star of the day for the family. Leslie Kowash was at a family gathering where the table was full of delicious food. And the overweight dog appeared out of nowhere and pretended to be a stranger to no one.

Although Leslie and her family were surprised by the unexpected guest, they were nonetheless welcomed. The dog also gladly accepted the delicious food, and later the true purpose of his visit was revealed after they noticed the warning on his collar.

“Please don’t feed me, I’m getting too big. Send me home!”

It turned out that the dog appeared at the family’s house to get delicious food without being asked. And when he noticed that people were packing food, he left and must have looked for another family who would offer him food.