The daring act of nice individuals who jump into the pit to save the poor dog: A brave and honorable acts

A Dachshund named Razor heroically came to the rescue of a St. Bernard who got stuck in a cold, muddy ditch for around 18 hours. The St. Bernard named Jazzy got loose from Tim Chavez’s home in New Mexico on Sunday afternoon.


Razor tried alerting Chavez that something was wrong on Monday morning, while Chavez was getting ready to go to work. But the dog owner told KRQE News 13 that he didn’t realize at the time that Razor was trying to let him know something was wrong at the time.

Razor wasn’t going to let his buddy down and kept trying to get someone’s attention. He barked at the neighbor too, but it wasn’t until a passerby noticed Razor’s frantic barking and followed him, that Jazzy was discovered.


“Razor took off through the field, along the irrigation ditch, and showed up here,” Chavez told KRQE at the location where Jazzy was rescued. “This is the spot Jazzy was actually stuck in, she was stuck here at least two feet stuck into the mud.”

They quickly called for help and 8 members from Belen Fire & Rescue arrived to pull the big dog out of the ditch. Using backboard straps and a long spine board they managed to pull the big dog do safety.


It’s important to remember that every animal is unique, and their behavior can vary. However, stories like this serve as a reminder of the extraordinary acts of kindness and bravery that can occur between animals, regardless of their size or species.

The heroic Dachshund coming to the rescue of the St. Bernard is a heartwarming tale that showcases the remarkable nature of animals and the power of compassion. It’s a reminder of the bonds that can form between different species and the potential for acts of bravery and kindness in the animal world.