The current status of the ‘Two coloured’ puppy’ who was abaпdoпed by the owner because of his blacƙ-haiгed appearance

The culture of living with companion animals is spreading, but the number of abandoned animals is steadily increasing every year.

According to an investigation by the Quarantine Headquarters, the number of abaпdoпed animals in 2020 reached a whopping 130,000.

This is a figure that only identified individuals admitted to 280 animal protection centers in local governments across the country, and it is estimated that a much larger number were abandoпed when including children wandering the streets.

Unfortunately, however, the number of abandoпed dog adoptions is showing a declining trend.

In the midst of this, the recent situation of a dog that was abandoпed because of its unique appearance is conveyed, causing many people to smile.

Earlier in 2019, an animal protection organization in Taiwan posted an adoption notice of a puppy.

At the time, an animal protection group introduced the puppy, saying, “It seems that the mother of this child ran out of ink while giving birth.”

The picture of the puppy published along with the article was enough to raise doubts, ‘Isn’t it really lack of ink?’

This is because the dog’s face and body are exactly divided into black and white.

Her photo of her black and white dog in perfect harmony became a hot topic in her domestic community.

At that time, netizens gave her puppy various nicknames such as ‘half-and-half puppy’, ‘black bean’, and ‘choco matsutake’, and showed enthusiasm to investigate (?) her puppy’s mother and father.

Since then, her current situation has not been reported, but recently, it has become a hot topic once again as it is reported that the baby dog’s Instagram exists.

In the Instagram photo, the puppy grew up quickly and became an adult dog.

When she was little, she was a child who waddled around and showed off her cuteness, but when she became an adult dog, she was showing off her cuteness instead of her cuteness.

Her hair, which many people were most curious about, was still intact. However, the brown hair on her face also grew a bit and was now colored in three colors.

A guardian named Jin Ah-soon, who had adopted a puppy in the past, revealed that he had given the puppy the name ‘Black Bean’.

She also revealed her extraordinary affection for black beans, saying, “At first, she fell in love with her unique appearance and wanted to bring her home, but now she truly loves black beans.”

However, she also added that black beans are naughty, unlike her dashing looks.

In response, the guardian explained her current situation, saying, “She is so naughty that there is no decent furniture in her house.”

Seeing Black Bean find happiness after meeting a new guardian, netizens are responding such as “It’s really fortunate”, “I hope all stray dogs become as happy as Black Bean”, and “Don’t buy them, let’s adopt them”.

Meanwhile, last year, the number of dog adoptions increased to the point where a new word called ‘Paпdemic Puppy’ appeared amid the spread of the coгoпa viгus.

As telecommuting increased, the time at home also increased, which led to an increase in adoption.

However, the ‘Paпdemic Puppy’ did not last long and compared to the first quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, it has decreased by more than 50%.

source: Instagram@blackbean0205