The cat with 4-inch legs that is becoming viral on Instagram is irresistibly cute and is winning over hearts everywhere

Introducing Manchester, an incredibly endearing feline from Russia with legs measuring just 4 inches, who has won the hearts of over 50,000 Instagram followers. A mix of two breeds, Scottish straight and Munchkin, that are renowned for their short legs, this two-year-old cat lives a delightful life with its owner, Alexander Ushakov, in Moscow.

Manchester was bought by Alexander when he was four months old and was named after his favorite football team, Manchester United, which he has been supporting since 1998. The cuteness of the cat motivated Alexander to create a popular Instagram account for him, where he amassed a huge fan base.

The adorable kitty in the picture, Manchester, has become a sensation on different social media channels due to its captivating personality.

Alexander Ushakov, a resident of Moscow, decided to show his love for Manchester by creating an exclusive Instagram account.

Meet Manchester, an adorable little furball that’s a mix of Scottish Straight and Munchkin breeds. What makes him unique are his super short legs, a trait that’s common in both his breeds. This cute feline is almost two years old now and is always full of energy and life.

Manchester has a one-of-a-kind look because of his short legs that measure only 4 inches in length.

According to Ushakov, she created an Instagram profile for her beloved pet due to its cuteness and possible appeal to others. To her surprise, the account quickly amassed a large number of followers, and her furry companion now boasts a sizeable fanbase.

Ushakov attributes his enormous fan base to his captivating appearance and endearing social media content. Numerous individuals express their affection and encouragement by sending him messages, as well as frequently sharing his images with others.

Ushakov reveals that the support he receives from Manchester’s Instagram fan base is what motivates him to keep posting adorable pictures of his beloved feline companion.

Ushakov describes Manchester as a lively and fun-loving cat with a playful temperament. He notes that the furry creature is always meowing and loves to participate in all sorts of wild games, often seen dashing around the house with great enthusiasm.