The bath scene of a ‘100kg super lαrge dog’ that is said to be tiring even to the viewers

One of the daily routines that butlers living with dogs worry about the most is bathing.
Bathing is like war for owners because many dogs hate water and baths.

A small dog can be washed quickly even if it does not like water, but if a large dog does not like water, it is the worst situation for the butler.

In the midst of this, the daily life of a butler bathing a super-large dog weighing over 100kg has been published and is drawing attention. What was the end of this butler?

Last May, a video titled ‘Let’s bathe a bear-sized dog that got hit by rain’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Elegant Safari’.

In the video, the butler enjoyed a morning walk with the ‘Caucasian Ovcharka’ Bugatti.

After enjoying a cool walk in the rain, the butler returned home and prepared a bath for the drenched Bugatti.

On this day, instead of soaking the body in water and shampooing, the butler tried a method of dissolving the shampoo into water and spraying it.

Because the Bugatti is so large, it was not easy to spray water all over the body.

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The butler, who sprayed the shampoo with water, began to wipe every corner of the Bugatti’s body.

Fortunately, Bugatti, who does not hate water, sat quietly and accepted the butler’s hand.

Her expression looked so unfair that she wanted to run out of the bathroom at any moment, but she seemed to be sitting quietly, even for the sake of the butler.

Thanks to this, the butler also responded positively, saying, “It’s easy to take a bath in the Bugatti. Just think of it as washing big clothes.”

The actual Bugatti was completely motionless throughout the bath.

On this day, the butler even combed Bugatti’s hair during the bath, and after the bath, she had to spend a long time drying it.

Bugatti, who had an unfair expression during her bath, showed a bright smile when her bath was over, and the butler also smiled at this appearance.

However, netizens sent worrisome responses towards the butler, saying, “I’m tired of watching”, “I’ll get wet with sweat after taking a bath in Bugatti”, and “Isn’t this a video of a butler taking a bath?”

At the same time, he also sends a response, “I think I’ll be happy when I see a dog that is happy like that.”

The Bugatti corresponds to the Caucasian Ovcharka, a very large dog breed.

Although the specific weight has not been disclosed, it is estimated that the Bugatti will be similar, considering that the ‘Middle Asian Ovcharka’ Geumgangi, who lives together, weighs 120kg.

As big as it is, the amount of food Bugatti eats is also enormous, and when it sheds, it spits out enough hair that an adult can sleep on it.

Meanwhile, Lee Young-bin, the butler of YouTube’s ‘Elegant Safari’ channel, currently has 350,000 subscribers.

In addition to Bugatti, she lives with a Middle Asian Ovcharka named Geumgang.

She loves dogs so much, she has established and is operating a shelter for abandoned dogs that does not euthanize at her own expense.

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In fact, she is exerting a good influence, such as uploading photos and information of puppies waiting for adoption on her social media.

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Source: Youtube