Thanks to a new acquaintance, the cat performs strange things like “and even eats hay!”

If you are single, you definitely need someone who can understand and support you.

This is exactly what happened in the life of a tricolor cat and a little lamb, who found each other at a time when they really needed a soul mate!

cat and goat

Such a special pet

When a cat named Dora appeared in the house of Carla and her husband, they did not know where she came from. The family lived in the countryside, and neighborhood cats walking by themselves were not uncommon.

And yet, there was something special about the tiny four-week-old Dora: she not only aroused pity with her thin body, but also had an incredibly affectionate character. That is why the family decided to keep the cat and did not regret it: the baby gave joy to everyone who saw her!

lamb and cat

When Carla had a daughter, the cat became her four-legged nanny. “Dora ran to the cradle to see if the baby was all right!” – the hostess says with a laugh, never ceasing to be surprised by the pet.

And soon a lamb appeared in the family!


inseparable friends

Carla learned about a sick lamb who was orphaned and unable to take care of himself.

There was no place for the baby on the farm among the adult pupils, so the family decided to take the baby to their house. Guess who immediately fell in love with the baby with all his heart? Of course, the cat Dora!

lamb and cat play

As soon as the ram, who was named Charlie, got into the house, she immediately became acquainted with him, and since then the two have become inseparable. They played together, ran around the house and even slept in an embrace.AdvertisingAdvertising

And the pets taught each other different things. The cat showed how to misbehave and carry newspapers, and little Charlie taught her how to eat … hay ! And imagine, a fluffy girlfriend “tasted” it with great interest!

animal friendship

And friends also showed concern if one of them got into trouble.

So, one day the cat got into a cardboard box, and the lamb began to run around her, watching if everything was in order with Dora!

Together, no matter what!

A few months later, Charlie grew up and could already live in a barn, but the pet continues to come to the house, where the cat always greets him joyfully.

The most interesting thing is that he knows his name! When the owners call Charlie, he runs like a dog, and then runs up to Dora and kisses her without fail!

lamb rice 2

The cat also does not forget to visit his friend, and at the same time other animals living in the barn. Her love is enough for all the inhabitants: goats, sheep and even rabbits sitting peacefully in a cage.


And yet, her favorite will always be Charlie, with whom Dora has developed a surprisingly strong emotional connection!

“They found each other when they needed someone dear most of all, and we are happy that we witnessed this wonderful friendship!” their owner Carla admits. – “She is a cat, and he will always be my little son – a lamb!”