Sweet Little pregnaпt puppy laying on the sidewalk, clearly hoping for a bit but too polite to ask

The Dodo, an American animal media outlet, reported on the 8th (local time) that the dog shed tears in his wife’s arms when the couple rescued a pregnant dog that was wandering near a restaurant after a long persuasion.

Jax Anderson and his wife decided to try chicken at a new restaurant in late October. But she saw the black dog ‘Poppy’ staring at her from a distance, but she didn’t come up to her and beg for a bite. He looked hungry, but seemed afraid of people. That look drew more attention.

“Poppy didn’t take his eyes off us, but he didn’t come close or beg for food,” Anderson said. The stall owner came out and sent Poppy off the sidewalk. The dog was definitely afraid and soon disappeared,” recalled his first meeting.

After the meal, the couple saw the dog again as they drove home. This time, Poppy’s bulging belly caught my eye. Poppy was pregnant!

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The couple stopped the car. Having just finished packing the leftovers, her wife shredded her chicken and shoved it in front of her foreskin with her packaging. And the couple got into the car. The frightened Poppy came over and ate the chicken. Only after seeing the many scars on Poppy’s body did the couple understand why Poppy was afraid of people.

Poppy rejected the chicken her husband gave her, but opened up to her.

The couple patiently waited for Poppy to come. Poppy feared her husband, but opened her heart to her wife. After waiting for a long time, Poppy received and ate the chicken from his wife’s hand. Her wife gave Poppy a hug and put her in her car.

The husband said, “I was holding my breath for a while waiting for Poppy to calm down. But Poppy’s reaction was more than I expected. I started filming her wife soothing Poppy, and I noticed tears streaming from Poppy’s eyes. She had never seen a dog do that, so she was shocked,” she said.

Poppy shed tears in her arms. (Left) Trusting the couple, Poppy got into the car and enjoyed the sunshine.

The relationship between the Andersons and Poppy was shared on TikTok on October 30th, leaving a deep impression. The video recorded 13.9 million views in 9 days.

Netizens thanked the couple, speculating that Poppy didn’t seem to have been on the streets very long. One netizen said, “You made me cry in front of people. I am a 32-year-old adult working in the construction industry, but I am crying like a little girl.” Another netizen said, “Perhaps Poppy was abused by men. So she guessed that Poppy can’t trust you.”

Meanwhile, the couple took Poppy to the vet and treated her for fleas and parasites. The veterinarian released Poppy after a few days, saying he was healthy for a street dog.

“Poppy slept most of the day,” Anderson said. And I got used to the sofa very quickly. Over the past two days, Poppy has finally become more active, following me around and showing interest in other dogs instead of sleeping.”

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Since they have two dogs, ‘Nacho’ and ‘Frida’, the couple planned to give Poppy up for adoption after temporary protection. But Poppy has become his family before he knows it.

   Poppy gave birth to 9 puppies. There are 6 males and 3 females. Netizens thanked the Andersons for saving the lives of Poppy and nine puppies.