Surrogate mother for abandoned fawns! 9-year-old German Shepherd Sarge’s heartwarming tale.

People will always be in awe of dogs for having the special ability to be amiable, tenderhearted, and devoted. Their kind hearts extend a warm welcome to people who require consolation, care, and defense.

It includes not only people but also other living things. Sarge, a sweet German Shepherd, cares for abandoned fawns.

Her owner, Cheryl Stephan, is a kind woman who has taken in many abandoned animals over the years, including some young fawns.

With all the adopted animals, Sarge was incredibly amiable and kind, but he had a special soft spot for Buckheat because he was Cheryl’s first orphaned deer adoption.

When Sarge first encountered this little creature, he was overcome with warm emotions. He was immediately captivated to this fawn and became his protector.

The obedient dog assisted with every step of caring for Buckwheat. He assumed the crucial role of “mom” to the fawn quite fast.

The dog always followed the fawn to make sure Buckheat was okay wherever he went. When the fawn grew up and set out on his own, Sarge had to go find him and bring him back.

Cheryl had to let Buckheat off into the wild once he had grown and grown strong. The good dog was really upset by this. Even his owner admitted that he would never treat other animals with the same level of friendliness as he did this one.

Fortunately, she was mistaken. Once Cheryl delivered more fawns for rehabilitation, Sarge’s sympathy was reinstated. He was soon caring for these incredible creatures like a nanny.