Stubborn Dog Refuses To Leave The Swimming Pool

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the funniest animals on the planet. They have an uncanny ability to make us laugh with their hilarious antics and endearing personalities.

From their goofy expressions to their playful energy, dogs never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Some of the funniest things dogs do include chasing their tails, running in circles, and rolling around in the grass.


They can also be quite mischievous, getting into things they shouldn’t or stealing food when we’re not looking. Some dogs really have a great sense of humor and know just how far to push their mischievous limits, which is exactly what one stubborn and playful pooch did in the video below.

The dog was enjoying a swim in the refreshing pool when his owner came over and took him out. Apparently, it was time to get out and dry off but the dog disagreed.


As soon as the owner put the dog on dry ground, the stubborn pooch hopped right back into the pool and swam to the middle, just out of reach of his owner!

The dog’s owner walked around the pool and attempted to grab the dog, but the dog stayed out of reach.

PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ADOLFO LOZOYA / Source : theanimalrescuesite

Eventually, the dog drifted a smidge too close to the edge of the pool and the owner was able to grab him out. Mischievous games can never last forever, but the dog gave it a good effort!

Check out the hilarious video below: