Street Dog Regains Beauty Over Demodex and Sarcoptic Mange

We called her name as Beauty. She is less than a year, a girl, 9 kgs. She has a very terrible mange and skin infection. Her blood is very low, got anemia and blood parasites.

Beauty has 2 types of mange, which are Demodex Mange and Sarcoptic Mange, and 2 types of blood parasites, which are Anaplasma and E.Canis.

The vets treated her with milbeycin for demodex and sarcoptic mange 45 tablets a month which means 1.5 tablet per day.

Doxycycline and blood supplements to treat blood parasites.
Beauty is a strong dog. she is always frightened but much beeter than the first time.

She never gets out of her place though the door is opened for a very long time.

she never barks or makes any noise except when she takes a shower.
Her skin is having more moisture than before and started growing fur.

She has changed a lot. Everyone helped to treat her skin infection, manage, yeast and fungus. Finally, she is full of hair and lives happily in her forever home.

Thank you so much Nan ka and Greg Gruber for adopting beauty.Thanks a lot to everyone who supported her treatment bills and

everything to make her become so beautiful like today. Beauty is so naughty with her mommy see how wonderful transformation of beauty!