Special Communication: A Husky and Toddler Create an Unbreakable Bond Through Their Individual Love Language

Dogs and kids can form some of the sweetest bonds, and sometimes it seems like they have their very own language!

In the clip, you can see a sweet husky and a playful toddler having a long, loud conversation that gets them both riled up – but no one else can understand what they’re saying!

Just take the duo in the video below.

The husky gets into some deep barks and howls, while the toddler hysterically laughs and makes some sounds back in response. Their sounds are similar, so they must be speaking the same language.

They go back and forth, chatting away. It’s like they’re having a deep conversation that only they can understand. We can only imagine what they’re talking about. Based on their expressions and body movements, it’s something quite exciting.

They both get so into the conversation that the toddler ends up jumping around, and the husky goes from laying to standing to laying all over again.

It’s clear these two share a special bond, something unshakeable and pure. The best part is that the whole conversation was captured on film!

The video was posted on Reddit by u/kuroi_sny.

Check out the clip for yourself below: