Six puppies and their mother dog have been rescued from the Immokalee Drain

Six puppies and their mother are safe thanks to Collier County Domestic Animal Services.

The dog family was stuck in a culvert drain in Immokalee and Animal Control and the Immokalee Fire Control District were called to help rescue them.

Two Animal Control Officers (ACO) were sent out to help.

Momma and puppies were approximately halfway inside the 30 foot drain. They first tried to entice them out with some food with no luck, however, one curious puppy made her way out and was quickly contained.

With the help of a phone app with whining puppy sounds, they were able to lure out two more puppies. Another two tried to make a run for it out the other end of the pipe but one of the officers was able to nab them.

ACO were down to just momma and one puppy. Momma was too big to turn around in the drain and because the end she was facing was crushed they called for help from the Immokalee Fire Control District.

They came out within what seemed to be just a few minutes and with the assistance of the jaws of life they were able to open the crushed end of the pipe.

The noise encouraged the remaining puppy to scurry out the back of the pipe where they were waiting for her and with a quick spray from the hose momma poked her head out enough that they were able to get hands on her and pull her out to safety.

The family was taken to the Collier County animal shelter for much-needed baths and food.

The puppies and mom were taken by the Gulf Coast Humane Society, Collier County Domestic Animal Services said.