Sir Anthony Hopkins and the World’s Loneliest Dog both become movie stars

The “world’s loneliest dog” is getting a happily ever after after six years in a shelter.

A dog named Freya who had previously been in a shelter once had trouble finding someone to talk to. She now relishes working with some of the top celebrities in Hollywood.

She’ll soon be there with them both.

Freya, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was found as a stray puppy and taken to Freshfields Animal Rescue in England. For six years, she waited and watched prospective adopters come and go, but nobody was eager to take her in.

During that time, Freya was given the dismal nickname of “world’s loneliest dog” after purportedly being overlooked by 18,720 potential pet owners.

Nevertheless, everything abruptly changed.

Michael Bay thought that Freya had been neglected for far too long after reading an article about her miserable situation earlier this year. Freya has been cast in the next episode of director Michael Bay’s “Transformers” film series, He revealed on Twitter.

However, we now have a behind-the-scenes picture of Freya and Anthony Hopkins on the set. Since then, information has been limited.

“Freya’s doing a terrific job acting,” Bay is heard saying in the Paramount Pictures video below.