She’s a survivor. They chase her away because of the ugly mange that she hides under in a car tire, cold and frozen.

They said that she discovered her peace in a car tire, where she sleeps and hides from the cold.

The reaction of local residents is mixed; Some send her food so that she survives, while others chase her away from their front door because, as they say, she is tried and sick.

“Some of her wounds are already bleeding; the prospects for her survival in the coming cold days on the street do not exist in her case.”

“She’s a good, calm girl, and all she wanted was her serenity and the amount of food she needed to survive, as if her body was saying, “I’m so cold.”She is looking for her place in the world-a place where she will never feel cold or hungry again.”

This poor person has been suffering for a long time and from a large number of people living in this area, and no one has felt sorry for her is this normal for all of you?

Finally, a kind heart found her; she would never feel hungry again, and he took her with him.

“She will never be unloved again, for her and for all the rescued dogs that she adopted from the street so that they could find a home.”Her rescuer Fahrudin Kaki Bravo said

He named her Nev, and she fell asleep like a baby after a nice dinner and a warm bath.

The next day, he took her to the vet, where she was given antibiotics and treatment with coconut oil to help prevent her skin from peeling; she also has anemia.

She has grown up to become a wonderful cute dog who loves all other good creatures after more than 80 days. Nev adores cats, as well as all other dogs, and she enjoys playing with them.

Nev is a dog who understands how to receive and return love.