She, with a thin body, had been starving for several days under the cold snow

We received a call from our friend and fellow rescuer about a puppy in need. It was a puppy, covered in snow.

Snow was still falling more and more. She’s cold, there is nothing to protect. She has retracted a corner.

She will die of the cold… After removing the blanket we found he is actually a she.
We have named her Faith.

She is at the vet and all we can do is pray that we got her in time. We have no idea if she will survive or not. We have no idea why she was out there. What we do know…. She is maybe 5 months old.

She is still breathing. Full of parasites, covered in fleas and maggots in her eye sockets. Infection in her lungs.

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The few seconds he stood on her own last night is all she had in her so far.💔She just lays lifeless in her kennel.

She lifted her head a little on her own. She only weighs 10 pounds. We went to see her today to love on her and let her know we are here for her.

She will be spending another night in the hospital under critical care. It’s going to be another long night for Faith but her medical team is the absolute best and we know she’s getting lots of love.

Faith was feeling better every day. She will get well soon. We will always love you sweet little Miss Faith.


Source: Paws Show